Florence and Roux

Florence stirred in her bed. She had thrown up several times in Ellis’ truck and although Ellis was dismayed by the act of having to sanitize his floorboards, he calmly helped Florence out of the vehicle and into their loft. The sound of sniffing forced Florence to open her eyes. “What, my sweetheart?” She ran her fingers over the fur around Roux’s head. Roux was a seven year old boxer who was the epicenter to Ellis and Florence’s lives. Laying next to her as a concerned brother would lay next to his sister, Roux nestled his body and nose closer and closer to Florence until he could not any more. Florence smiled and moved herself to be a cocoon around the animal. His fawn coat was so perfectly placed on his body, with white spots and white socks. His eyes were encased in perfect black circles of fur. He was a beautiful being and more like a person, than “just a dog”.

After falling back asleep, suddenly Florence was moved by Roux jumping up to the sound of Ellis coming back in. Florence groaned as her muscles burned. Her joints felt inflamed and hard to move. Her head felt heavy and the pillow had offered little support. She had not drank in a very long time. This must be what a hangover feels like.

Florence dragged herself out of bed to walk to the living room. She tried to be graceful, but this was short lived, as she used her hands to follow the walls down the hallway. As soon as Florence saw the couch, a burst of energy filled Florence’s back and chest to propel her to the couch’s cushions. Ellis laughed behind her from the bar in the kitchen.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there!” She smiled. To laugh would have taken all her energy completely.

Florence tried to turn around and as she twisted her body, Florence saw black air and heard nothing else. Florence fell into the couch.